I am an admirer of David Horowitz’ editorial efforts reflected in Times of Israel. But I am troubled by this new Blogs policy described in David’s The Times of Israel and its bloggers.

As David, I too have long been offended by the impact of “flaming” on serious discussion between readers. But there has to be a better and less labor-intensive way to control such abuse other than pre-reading blogs, incipient censorship. I long ago proposed that all wishing to participate in discussion be required to self-identify by actual name, not some anonymous “handle.” A problem responder would then be blocked from the site. ToI’s present system of sign-in via Google, Yahoo and Facebook actually encourages that which it would control by adding layers of anonymity to those whose purpose is to offend and disrupt.

JPost, from whence you came, David, has a system of reader self-monitoring: “flagging” offensive comments and responses to alert a “moderator” of abuse. If found in violation of editorial limits the offending comment/response could then be deleted by the Moderator.  Of course that demands that “flagged” material be checked by a staff member for content criteria. But that is a more honest and certainly less editorial intensive method of incitement control than “the new editorial rules” suggesting blogger censorship?