I am new here. I respond to Ghazi Hamad’s nearby, titled, “Now I understand how and why the Palestinians lost Palestine.”

Hereabouts the loss is explained differently (Mr Hamad has a point or two).

Waaay back in 1947 the UN partitioned British Palestine, into a Jewish sliver (‘Bantustans’); and an Arab majority. This was after Arabs had opposed Jewish Statehood, as far back as 1919, when Woodrow Wilson, US President, sent two emissaries, King and Crain, to help him decide about the carve-up of the Ottoman Empire, defeated in WW1. The locals (for King and Crain), were identified as Muslim, Christian, or Jew.

Jewish legal migration had started, per Herzl and Zionism, permitted by the Ottomans, 1900 or so, with increasing numbers. Arabs likely saw the future, and said ‘any governance but the Jews.’ This was thirty years before 1947, before expulsionist Arab-on-Jew small wars, before Statehood, purported Jewish expulsions of Arabs, ‘settlements,’ Diaspora, Occupation, purported Jewish massacre. NO Jewish State! 1919!

Simple and consistent, 100 years. (Arabs and Pals know that the Crusaders held out 100 years.)

**IF** Arabs had accepted the 1947 UN vote, they **might** have gotten a Pal State, but probably not- Arabs in 1948 went to war and lost, giving them the 1949 borders, (aka ‘1967’ borders).

From 1949 through 1967, Arabs controlled the ‘Palestinian’ areas, Gaza and Trans-Jordan, and Pals got No State from Arabs. Mr Hamad blames Arabs, and now twice he is correct, had Arabs cut a deal, (1) 1947 or (2) 1949-1967, they would have a State. Instead, war and defeat; lather rinse repeat.

In 1956 Israelis gave back Sinai, land for peace, and got war, 1967 and 1973. No land was given back in 1967, and Arabs could have cut a deal then. By 1973 Arabs had lost the wheel of history. Post-1973, near-Israel Araby is a spent military force; and they abandon war, for ‘liberation,’ by war-crimes, aka civilian-murders, having thrown away what they could have had, many times.

Fast forward, 2005. Gaza is de-occupied (still under siege, by both Egypt and Israel), – this is a ‘test’ of co-existence, Gazans and Israel. Gazans respond by war after war after war, 10,000 rockets, intifada after intifada, most recently 1,000s dead, 10,000s wounded, and 100,000s displaced, and declare ‘victory’ through endurance.’ General Pyrrhus, call your office. (Mr Hamad should blame himself.)

Along the way, Pals brought the world 30 years of Lebanese civil war, and Black September in Jordan, ended with the departure of Pals, peace for decades, although ISIS has restarted green-on-green butchery. Not MY idea of good neighbors, maybe Mr Hamad’s.

Mr Hamad says he accepts 1949 (‘pre-1967’ borders), big of him, probably a capital offense in his nabe, but we do not believe him. No Arabs said so in 1949-1967 except Jordan’s Abdullah who was murdered for his troubles and Egypt’s Sadat, likewise.

I also accept MY older borders, the 130 AD borders that my side lost when we went up against Rome; “You only know what you have when it is gone” sort of thing.

Pals lost the region by war, 1917, having taken it by war 1300 years earlier, from those who took it from the Jews. In 1947 Jews cut a deal and got a State, Pals did not and do not. Thus haggling and the political market place. The best is the enemy of the good.

Mr. Hamad blames Palestinian internal politicking. Hereabouts he is wrong. Those divisions DO show that Israelis have no unitary voice to negotiate with, BUT more, show that Pals are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, they bicker and posture because they have nothing.

Regarding long memories, my 100 years from 1917, Arabs inspirationally cite Crusader defeat (also cited as victimology), 1000 years ago, as yesterday.

In the 1990s, at the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and ethnic mass murder and ethnic expulsions, Muslims cite the Muslim defeat at Kosovo in the 1300s, as yesterday, for payback.

Osama bin Laden’s attack on September 11, 2001, commemorates (payback) for the Muslim defeat at Vienna, Sept 11, 1683.

We also have long memories, back to 1500 BC, and our own Right of Return from Egypt.

We encourage Mr Hamad’s internal factionalism as it disunifies any efforts on his part, BUT Arab disunity is the norm, unrelated to Mr Hamad; TE Lawrence (el’aurents)’s accomplishment was, to so-briefly, unite Saudi and related sub-group loyalists, to expel the Turk; and many Arab groups did get a form of Statehood, Hashemite etc; Mr Hamad is a selective prisoner of his history, we may see, and ignores some successful precedent, if under external tutelage.

Jews held out 2000 years, Pals so far less than 67.

(To be continued.)