The hypocrisy of the world never ceases to amaze me. When Jewish boys are slaughtered in the street and children murdered in their beds, it is called an isolated incident and act of resistance. Another bogus investigation by ‘the international community’ is launched and buried along with the children in their graves. Witness the discovery by UNRA in Gaza of a slew of rockets hidden in the basement of a school for children! Where is the international court of justice in the Hague! Can you ever find a cop when you need him?.

When we are attacked by the jihadist fascist Hamas and respond with overwhelming force it is called disproportionate and an act of genocide. We are cautioned to act with ‘restraint’. Would they be happier if we sustained more casualties? Let’s face it, the world can’t stand the idea that Jews have a superior army and can not only defend itself but severely retaliate against our enemies. For thousands of years they have tried to destroy us through Jew baiting, intimidation and murder. They will never succeed. ‘Drive your horse and cart over the bones of the dead’. [William Blake]

And while the West goes to sleep dreaming of a world without borders, Khomeini, Nasralah, Hanieh, Mashal, Boko Harem, Isis and the rest of the Islamist fascist Jihadists are preparing new onslaughts and attacks on Jews, Christians and moderate Muslims throughout the world. Slowly and steadily Islam infiltrates all bastions of freedom and democracy. There are now fifty million Muslims in Europe alone, and I don’t know how many in Paris, London and New York. If you will allow, their strategy is to first change the demographics of your state by using democracy to destroy itself. Was it Adams who wrote, ‘Beware, democracy contains the seeds of its own suicide’?.

But there are signs of hope for the future. I submit that the notion of an ‘International Community’ is a fiction totally unsupported by the facts. They are Just a bunch of ‘gangs’ and marauders. Fortunately, however, the Sunnis are now at war with each other, while the Shiites are at war with both factions in their bid to produce a modern day Saladin to destroy western civilization and the white Satan forever.

In this context, I venture to conclude; God bless good wars.