Revisiting Ivanka’s Myth of the ‘Power Daughter’…Barr and Bee

I’ve never understood – for a moment – why Democrats; why liberals;’ why the MSM have ever considered Ivanka even remotely ‘moderating’ on her so very deeply disturbed father. She was raised with and by him and had extreme extravagance and remarkable dysfunction as her normal.

Ivanka – and her husband – are directly complicit to everything in the White House if even by association alone and, potentially, also criminally involved. Ivanka just came back with eight copyrights from China to sell a remarkable range of products. But the MSM still had to ‘wonder’ about the propriety.

If anything but yet one more way for Trump to distribute still more taxpayer money across the Trump Family Corporation, Ivanka is a dishonest rubber stamp for her father’s deeply amoral behavior. This is despite her occasional deeply dishonest references otherwise which are then immediately eaten up by a breathless and desperate MSM, Democrats and liberals. Ivanka loves children but has yet to speak out against the horrific DHS policy of stealing even the youngest children at America’s southern border.

It’s time to see the FULL Trump Family Corporation White House Cell as the most corrupt in our nation; for its outright and ongoing monetization of the Office of the President; it’s constant lies and dishonesty; for its brazen White Nationalism and support for ‘White’ terrorism; it’s unending assault on American law enforcement for what will be an unsuccessful effort to save itself; its being a lapdog to an NRA who has been allowed to mount a full out attack on America and our Constitution.

Ivanka is no ‘saviour’ but an active, willful participant with full benefits. Samantha Bee’s reference was decidedly dumb but also harmless since comedians have engaged in sometimes rather excessive vulgarity for a long time.

But, even so, comedian vulgarity has NO comparison to intense, unending racist/anti-Semitic assault.

Roseanne took photos in Hitler drag baking burned people shaped cookies; tweeted raw, repellent racism about Valerie Jarrett; spread still further horrific ahistorical anti-Semitism with regards to George Soros…and all just for starters.

And don’t worry about Barr’s ‘career’…she’s about to become rich beyond avarice as she realigns with some of the most repugnant anti-America broadcast and talk radio Trump propaganda networks. Her own Trump ‘cult’ will grow exponentially.

And be aware that Barr’s Trump based cult also violently hates Jews

Trump’s openly admitted his history of sexual assault, has engaged multiple times adultery along with having connections to organized crime. More recently, Trump is again more aggressively working to block health care for women while discussing prison ‘reform’ with Kim Kardashian and nurturing White Nationalist terror networks.

But what then fascinates is that Democrats/liberals – other than Michelle Wolf, of course – quickly ‘apologize’ for what may be stupid but harmless comments while the GOP and Trump regularly send out horrific daily lies, threats, personal and racist/anti-Semitic attacks; they routinely insult, degrade and violate opponents and, specifically, women and immigrants then, as quickly and without any accountability, just move to the next.

But Samantha Bee said c**t.

About the Author
I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.