Robin Williams was definitely a part of my life and someone that I thoroughly enjoyed. A frenetically talented and sadly troubled man who operated at full speed all of the time. Robin had a profound brilliance about him. He made us laugh, he made us cry and often he made us a bit more human. So very sad that his demons couldn’t be overcome. Rest in Peace, Robin. You most assuredly will be missed.

Robin Williams, A Tribute:

He was indeed a brilliant man,

Who gave us laughter and tears,

He made us feel more human,

Over his span of too few years,


His comedic genius, non pariel,

The characters he brought to life,

Made our world a bit less harsh,

As we escaped from our own personal strife,


So many films, so many memories,

The wonderful stories they all told,

It was if he gave us, his own light,

Which was a gift of the purest gold,


Hard to believe, he has left us,

Hopefully to find his forever peace,

As here on earth he suffered,

As his demons seemed never to cease,


A gentle man, a sharing man,

Who blessed us all with his love,

May your next appearance be,

With G-d’s angels high above.


~ Me <3

~ inspired by Robin’s special gifts and my own profound sense of losing a friend

 ( N.B.: for any new readers, “~ Me <3” is my poet’s signature and my words are all original. Please feel free to share, including my note. Thank you. )