On Thursday, July 17th, 2014, the great Neil Young was supposed to play his first concert in Israel in almost 20 years. Unfortunately, due to indiscriminate rocket fire from Hamas, the event was shut down by Israeli police concerned for public safety.

While there is no substitute for the real thing, we at the “I support Neil Young against the haters” group on Facebook refuse to give in to terror. So we compiled a playlist of some of Neil’s greatest songs and will be #RockinDespiteRockets on 7-17-14. We hope you will join us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/SupportNeilYoung

You can get in on the action too. Send us your pictures or videos of yourselves rockin’ in the free world at work, at home, in bomb shelters, anywhere you are and we’ll post them for the entire world to see!

Eve Stieglitz is NOT giving in to Hamas. #RockinDespiteRockets

Eve Stieglitz is NOT giving in to Hamas. #RockinDespiteRockets

Instead of a two-hour show for 40,000 people…let’s have an all day event for the ENTIRE WORLD.

Invite your friends/family to participate and help us stand up to the people that are celebrating the fact that an artist was silenced through violence. Remember folks, Hamas might have postponed the show with their terror and murder, but they can’t cancel all of us! And while the haters may take credit for silencing Neil, let’s show them how badly their efforts backfired by making this go viral and getting #RockinDespiteRockets trending on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you can participate and can spend at least part of the day rocking out with all of us.

We’ll be posting the playlist on the “I support Neil Young against the haters” page LIVE on Thursday at 12 pm Eastern time / 7 pm Israel time when the concert would have been happening.



It’s time to start being proactive. If you are interested in getting involved, let’s connect: