Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame doesn’t advocate a boycott of Syria which slaughters tens of thousands of her own citizens, Communist countries like North Korea, China or Cuba, and he doesn’t condemn African nations where slavery is legal.  But, the freest democracy in the Middle East, Israel, is worthy of this idiot’s boycott.

In a letter announcing a boycott of Israel, he said “that all people deserve basic human rights” – yet, interestingly he has never spoken up for the many innocent people who have been killed by Hamas.  He doesnt mention the attacks of the Arabs upon Israel – or the abhorrent treatment of homosexuals, women and other minorities throughout the Middle East.   Despicable double-standard.

While he now announced he is reconsidering his boycott: “I am considering my position. The letter asking my fellow musicians to boycott Israel has never appeared. I am thinking all of this through extremely carefully and I’m thinking it all through extremely carefully because I care more about the outcome, because I care about the people involved, than I do about the moment.”

But why doesn’t he mention that he – and many musicians – are effectively being boycotted in the Arab world? How many in Tehran or Cairo or Damascus would allow this Westerner to play his music in their cities? In many Arab countries, there isn’t freedom for concerts in these countries. When is the last time they hosted a concert there?

As Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote many years ago “It is not the anti-Semitism of men; it is, above all, the anti-Semitism of things, the inherent xenophobia of the body social or the body economic under which we suffer.” Roger Waters – contrary to your legendary song, You DO indeed need an education as you are wrong and mis-informed.