Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr – who used to be famous for something – continued on with her history of tweeting and commenting about the Jews this weekend. Yesterday, via her Twitter account @TheRealRoseanne she tweeted “Jews have been programmed w lemming mind. All freethinking Jews r suspect.”, and “The war between Jew and antisemite is actually war of Jewish tribes.” In what seems to be a reference to Israel, she said “Stop ur thirsting for blood and terf stop ur wickedness. U better get right!” This, of course could be a continuation of a theme she pushed in 2009 when she posed for photos wearing a Hitler-style mustache and holding cookies shaped as people which she said “represented innocent Palestinians being overrun by oppressive Israelis in Gaza.”

Roseanne Barr Tweet - Screenshot by Ronn Torossian

The comedian, who has previously been accused of Anti-Semitism and in August 2012 tweeted that “jewish mind control is the hardest to break out of,” apparently continues her odd fascination with the Jewish mind. During an interview last year with cable TV talk show host Chelsea Handler, she said, “My kids are half-Jew. I couldn’t wait to like breed with non-Jewish people.”

Anti-Semitism or just stupidity? Am really not sure. What any Public Relations blog could tell you however if that her most recent reality show – “Roseanne’s Nuts” would seemingly be a fitting description of the woman.

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Times of Israel on August 1st, 2013. 12:00pm EST