As the CEO of a PR Agency, I spin stories for a living – there is no spin which can make President Obama look good on Russia. There is absolutely no angle or slant which even the best Public Relations master can tell whereby Russia & President Putin don’t look like the strong nation.

Remember, President Obama whispered to Russian president Dmitri Medvedev “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.” And Medvedev vowed “I will convey this information to Vladimir.”In light of that, why is Obama is in an uproar around the Ukraine? Obama, who threatened and then backed down on Iran, will be “flexible” with the Russia he so often wants to remind everyone we are not in a cold war with. Obama, who warned Syria not to pass red lines, and then when they did backed down, wouldn’t want to screw up his vowed “reset”, right?

Anyone talking about Edward Snowden these days? He’s being protected by Putin.(Secretary of State Kerry back then said “We are not looking for a confrontation. We are not ordering anybody.”). Now, the chickens have come home to roost. America, meet Vladimir Putin, who is schooled on Obama’s criticism of American arrogance, Obama’s claim that America treats other countries as proxies and knows well that Obama has criticized America for acting unilaterally.Putin is a strong leader – who sees America’s weaknesses and acts accordingly.

Putin is a man’s’ man, a former KBG leader who does what he feels is best for Russia. He cares about Russia’s future and legacy – not American public opinion. This is the most serious East-West confrontation since communism fell – and Obama takes vacation in Key Largo, riding a little bicycle with a fitted helmet.

America the flexible. And the lessons for Israel are so many – ask Ukraine about the piece of paper they have with the world’s promises.