In the White House Press Briefing of today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as usual, was the best spin-doctor in town.

Since most people are convinced that President Trump under oath will not even be capable to tell a true answer twice, he would be well-advised to avoid having to testify for anything under oath. However, I thought that maybe he could send his press secretary instead.

Indeed, she is very fast. She starts most of her answers, even on totally now subjects, with the word “Again,” during which time — I assume — she makes up her stories. Sharp and eloquently, I always assumed. However, today, in her 40-minute briefing I noticed three curiosities. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself.

1. When speaking about stopping people from crossing the US border illegally, she ended by warning that people will be brought to justice regarding illegal border.

2. Regarding working together closely with China, she concluded that we will continue to cooperate with us.

3. She summarized that the United States is firmly decided to stop North-Korean denuclearization.

I once learned from my lawyer that if you want to find mistakes in court documents of the other party, look towards the end. People get tired and that’s where you find their mistakes.

However, with such slips of the tongue, having her testify might be a liability too.