Keep an eye on Azerbaijan sitting on the border of Iran,  where Israel has airfields and planes and pilots and undoubtedly munitions that could be a prime first strike force if Israel decides that Iran poses immediate threat. The government will meet, decide and the prime minister will say “go” all within a few days if not hours.

There will be a steady and direct line  from assessing the danger, deciding  to act and then acting.


Iran now knows that it can, with impunity, proceed to finish their dash toward nuclear capability with only Israel standing as a deterrent while at the same time being the target of their first attack.

The naiveté with which President Obama changed his mind about  attacking Syria, while on a walk with his chief of staff, demonstrates clearly that it was done on a whim without taking a head count in Congress to see if he will get an ok from the Republican rebels in the house. And from reluctant democrats.


Unplanned changes of policy that had been so publicly declared in advance can only shout to the world that there is no United States policy about preventing and punishing  flagrant violations of International treaties and norms.


Never mind grand coalitions  come together to safeguard the people of the world from death and destruction, no question,from now on it’s every country for itself.