And what a month that was. The UN meetings, a nostalgic reminder of another September- 1938, Munich. A month in which Putin pens an editorial in the New York Times ending in an exhortation about G-d!

Not to be outdone, Iran’s Rouhani goes on the peace and tolerance tour and also pens an editorial, this time the Washington Post followed by a speech at UN, urging world wide tolerance, espouses his friendship with Jews and promotes Iran’s peaceful nature. And let us not forget Assad- the war criminal, genocidal maniac and pathologic liar- who in a series of prime time interviews on major network first denies having chemical weapons and a week later promises to destroy them. Only in this crazy September and crazy world can a pariah gain legitimacy by becoming a centerpiece of multinational negotiations. But we can rest assured. The guardian of world peace and social justice, The United States of America has now shut down because of the possibility that the country’s poor will get health care.