Shabbat Shalom
I want to get all the kids back up there on the Bima. It is the first time this congregation unified in a group disciplinary act. I would like to see this as a regular practice in this congregation, where we force our children to behave together.
You have families. How did that happen?
(2:21) H’ forced a sleep on man, and took from his ribs, what became woman.
Man would have never agreed to this dealing with woman thing. Man would never do anything unless they are forced. Even your children would not have come up to the Bima together, on Simchat Torah, if we didn’t have candy. It would have been nice if some of you parents would have shared the candy with the children. I can understand taking a taffy or two, but give your children the bags…
(2:24) Thus man has to leave his parents house. Get married. ‘Stick to his wife.’
Not supposed to go to another woman or a bar. Supposed to go back home to your wife, Ben. I understand how painful it can be to see your family, when there are no candies at home….
(3:7) Their eyes were open (after eating from the tree of knowledge) and they noticed they were naked.
Knowledge is not always good. It can be embarrassing. Especially when you give the wrong answer in class, and you are without clothes. There are problems when people try to do too much. And it always happens because of women. Always reading, trying to be the smarter ones in the third grade…when all you want is some good sweets….
(3:12) After they hide from H’, Adam blames it on woman. The one that H’ forced him.
Women causing the problems. Because of woman we have to wear bathing suits….It is about time that the Frankel mishpuchi taught their children to wear something in the public pool…and to change in the public bathroom, and use that as the toilet.
It is an embarrassment to the community.
..Of course the snake then gets blamed….Always blaming the little guy on the sided who now can’t even talke….
What is the lesson?
(3:17) Man is punished because he listened to his wife.
How many mistakes have been made in this community, beacuse we have listened to women?
The pink parochet (ark cover) and neon green Tallit, used for covering the children when they went up for Kol Hane’arim (where the children get called to the Torah on Simchat Torah)?! One of the kids ate the Tallit. Thought it was the green monster taffy.
It is time we disciplined the women of this congregation as a group…collectively…whoever is convincing the women to have more fruit at kiddush…Nobody ever got punished for eating cake and candy. Only women do that.
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Shabbat Shalom