Shabbat Shalom

The Egyptians seem to chasing Israel.
(14:15) H’ comes straight out at Moshe- ‘What are you screaming at me for. Speak to the children of Israel and move.’ Don’t just stand there and do nothing, like this congregation did when there was a leak in the ceiling.
Now I understand that nobody wants to talk to the youth of today. They are annoying. I know that many of you come to shule so that you do not have to talk with your own children. They are annoying and not helpful…

H’ is telling Moshe. The Egyptians are coming and you should be there for the people. There are times you have to lead the kids. Lead them. But you don’t have to talk to them. That would be painful as anything. Just to let them know what to do…’Take out the trash.’ They don’t get that. You can pray to Gd as much as you want, but they won’t take it out…Move them…

Sometimes you have to take a step up and deal with it. Maybe get on a ladder and help the shule out. Maybe give some money to fix the roof…The Egyptians are attacking you, make a move. Don’t expect H’ to come in and fix the roof…

Rashi- This is not a time to go into a prayer service…Everybody in the shule whines. A bunch of complainers. Get up and do something about it. Don’t pray to H.’ Tell your children they are annoying as hell. Educate them.

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Shabbat Shalom