Shabbat Shalom

(4:49) Moshe counted them ‘according to the word of H’…that H’ commanded Moshe.’
Moshe counts the Levites, as H’s request. He didn’t question the request and go off on vacation, like the synagogue’s secretary and not print out this week’s bulletin. Now I will read through the whole bulletin…missed the Sternman Bris. Belated Mazel Tov. She left that out of last month’s bulletin…

Rashi- Those that were counted from 30 to 50 years old, as he was commanded.
Iker Siftei Chachamim- He counted them, like they were commanded.
We see ‘He was commanded.’ He didn’t just start with his Moshe ‘I am creative’ tirade, like the youth of this congregation, in Hebrew School…
Commanded to count from 30 to 50 year-olds. The useful bunch. Unlike the teenagers in this congregation who constantly count the minutes till the rabbi’s sermon is over…in the hallways. How can we count your children if they are not here?

What makes counting right? Moshe was commanded.
They didn’t make there own decisions and call it a commandment. Like the ref in the basketball game who called a foul and counted it as two points and not three. Last week…We have our tasks. The secretary is commanded to her job…a request to show up so that you can get paid…the board is not supposed to (perfect opportunity to go off on the board for sinning in their actions which are not according to H’)…we would be giving out Aliyah’s all day, calling you all to the Torah 5 times, so that you would shut up Mr. Fishbern. But we cannot…We are not commanded, and that makes it wrong…
We are now going to the volunteers from 10 to 80 years of age. Whoever can help the Holiness of this congregation. We need helpers at Bingo night…We are all useful for Bingo.

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Shabbat Shalom