Shabbat Shalom
We see the meal offerings are brought now. These volunteer offerings were generally brought by poor people, to reference the Artscroll Chumash.
Where are Michael’s parents? Why is he running in front of the Bimah? … Hi Michael… Why is Simcha running after Michael? … Why is Michael screaming that he will not share the Tonka truck? Michael’s parents should be teaching midot. Simcha’s parents should teach him to run faster… Can we get a volunteer to parent these children?!
(2:3) Then we see the portions of Aaron and his sons, the remnants of which are most holy from the offerings.
Rashi comments, as Rashi does. This is why Rashi is known as a commentator. I believe it is an important rule in pedagogy to explain what these rabbis did. Rashi explains over here, as that is what a commentary can do, that from the Fire Offerings to H,’ the kohanim received their portion only after the offerings.
We all think we deserve. Simcha, thinks he owns the Tonka truck.
It would seem that the priests/kohanim had no ownership of any of the food, until it was offered already.
This brings us to the biggest problem in this congregation and the breakdown of society..taking food before we make kiddush is wrong.
What is yours? When does it become yours?
The rabbi’s parking spot. The rabbi’s seat in shule. The rabbi’s investment that the shule made in his yacht. These are all the rabbis, because there is a plaque put up on all of them. Why? Because he sacrificed himself for this congregation.
I don’t believe that Michael shares his toys very much…The rabbi deserves a raise. The money is his.
What does this all have to do with volunteering? It has been a very long time since anybody in this congregation made a nice kiddush… Will Michael volunteer to share his truck?… Can somebody watch over these children. He is still running right in front of the rabbi’s lectern. Because he speaks from it.
Only after our work. That is when we become an owner of it.
But it all starts with volunteering. If somebody can volunteer to stop these children from yelling, then they can be a parent. Binny!
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Shabbat Shalom uMvorach