Shabbat Shalom

Yakov sees his brother coming. ‘Sees,’ being the same spelling as the word ‘fears.’ Sounded like something to mention, even if ‘sees’ has a ה and no י in the root…I can tell you that every time I come to shule and see Mr. Goldberg, I fear that something will go wrong. Whenever I see the chazan, I fear something will go wrong. Whenever I see the roof of the shule, I fear….

To combat this, he splits up the families, after he already sent gifts to Esav…Kind of the reason why I made a decision to not send my youngest son to the Jewish day school, as I might be able to save his soul from Dror, who always causes problems…

As is seen, Yakov struggles in a fight throughout the night and now he does not fear…Before, he feared. Now, that he has wrestled all night with Gd, he does not fear anymore (as in 32:13 where he prays to H.’). Once you realize who is running the world, you cannot fear anymore. Once you struggle with H’ all problems are petty. In the grand scheme of things, the fact that the Feinsteins lost their home does not bother us anymore. It is a petty problem and we wish you would stop asking us for Tzedakah. Charity which can easily be spent on the shule’s roof….
Now he sees. Yakov sees that fear is pointless. And as one who sees and feels safe, he still takes the steps of safety…You cannot take for granted that the negative may happen…Many of the members in this congregation like to say they were at Woodstock and they saw things. That is not an excuse for not supporting your family…

We can pray and fight, but always set up for protection.
With all the anti-semitism, we have built a sniper booth on the top of this shule. We have turned this shule into a fortress. I have noticed that this has also kept out many Jews who would like to be watching their Saturday morning cartoons…

The question is, are we ready.
Are your kids ready? No
Are you ready? No

After all this preparation for protection (33:4) Esav hugs and kisses Yakov and they even cry together.
You can even change a רשע’s heart, as I have seen with Mr. Goldberg…

Rashi quotes a Braita- Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai says that it is know that ‘Esav hates Yakov,’ but at this moment his passion took over.
It could have been the gifts. It could have been the splitting of the camps and Yakov’s coming before his children (showing a love there). It could have been Yakov’s bowing as he made his way towards Esav. The point is that for one moment, there was a positive. A love for one another. Some care was shown. Unlike our chazan over here who has never given us an enjoyable Shabbat….

You must prepare, but even afterwards, he kept it parenting and protecting….
When doing anything, you know what you can do. Yakov did it all. He prepared for all. He prayed, he fought and he still set up his family for success, unlike the Feinsteins, who are now squatting in the shule…The swat team will be coming down from the roof, to remove Michal and his blanket from the shule, so that we will be able to use the Bima for Musaf….
Yakov cared for his kids. Mr. Goldberg, you don’t even drive your kids to little league practice.