Ariel Sharon knew how to build and destroy. He was loved by the right, and disliked by the left; only to be loved by the left, and disliked by the right.

More than anything, Ariel Sharon knew how to lead.

I served under Ariel Sharon; not as a Senior Advisor or Member of Parliament.

I served under Sharon as a simple infantry soldier in Operation Defensive Shield. We were his soldiers; he was our commander.

In a room far away from the battle field, Sharon sat as Prime Minister and made difficult decisions which directly impacted our lives. When we received an order to charge forward, we knew that it was coming directly from Sharon. We charged forward with confidence and a sense of mission. God was looking after us. Between us and God, there was Ariel Sharon.

He sat in a room far away; but at the same time he was a soldier sitting next to us as we sat through pitch dark ambushes. He served as Prime Minister, but as we charged forward on complex operations, it was apparent that he was there, charging forward with us.

There are many traits to remember about Ariel Sharon; both good and bad.

One thing is definite. Ariel Sharon’s presence and confidence reached all the way down to us simple soldiers serving in the battle field. He mobilized us and he encouraged us, without ever meeting us. He empowered simple soldiers in the field to strive for excellence.

That’s leadership.