An all-time low for CNN today with Fareed Zakaria asking the Israeli Ambassador to the United States why Israel needs to be a Jewish state? Naturally, Zakaria would never ask why with all of the Muslim States it’s an issue to have a Jewish state (ONE). And as Michael Oren, the Israeli Ambassador said Germans, Hungarians, Bulgarians all have states – and Iraq, Libya, Kuwait all have a state religion (Hint: It isn’t Judaism.)

Unlike in Israel where Arabs live freely, Jews can’t live in those countries without being killed. And indeed, one major reason that today there needs to be a Jewish state is the Holocaust where six million Jews were killed. All over the world, Jews are hated – what is the issue with one state which is Jewish in the world? Zakaria has often hit Israel beneath the belt, whether by falsely writing “After all, Israel has ruled millions of Palestinians without offering them citizenship or a state for 40 years.” The Palestinians acknowledge that they have been offered a state and even the finest revisionist historian couldn’t claim otherwise. The man has hit Israel beneath the belt – “Israel has gotten used to a self-defeating spiral in which it shoots first and deals with the fallout afterwards.”

As CEO of a NY PR Firm, I’d ask Zakaria to spend less time plagiarizing and more time reading about facts and truth. And if he needs more to do, perhaps he can focus CNN on the urgent need for peace talks – 20 civilians were killed this weekend by Islamist militants in Nigeria. Media continues to ignore Arab life and death – Worthy of peace talks? Or if it’s not the Jewish state it’s not that interesting?