Judith Butler, an Anti-Israel activist is being provided a forum by The Jewish Museum on March 6th. Butler openly advocates a boycott of the Jewish State and opposes the existence of a Jewish State, and has referred to “Hezbollah and Hamas as progressive organizations” and supported their tactics. And The Jewish Museum is hosting her?

Butler has written, “A challenge to the right of Israel to exist can be construed as a challenge to the existence of the Jewish people only if one believes that Israel alone keeps the Jewish people alive or that all Jews invest their sense of perpetuity in the state of Israel in its current or traditional forms.” A columnist in Yediot Ahronot, dismissed Butler as a Jewish anti-Semite.

The Israeli government condemned Butler when she spoke at Berlin’s Jewish Museum, saying they were “astonished that exactly this museum would provide a stage to a person who called for an academic and cultural boycott against Israel… In the name of freedom of opinion the Jewish Museum offered a forum to a person who supports a boycott against Israel and therefore calls for Israelis to be boycotted because they are Israelis.” (At the museum, she spoke of the need to “boycott Israel and consider the abolition of political Zionism as the basis for the creation of Israel.”)

Nearly 90 years ago, well before there was a State of Israel, Ze’ev Jabotinsky asked “What interest can the Jewish nation have in individuals whose supreme pride consists in the fact that they have renounced their own people? The bitter root of our shame and our suffering is that we do not give our own people the full love of a patriot. It would be better if we did not love our people at all, if we were unconcerned as to whether it existed or had disappeared, rather than that we should love it halfway which means to despise it.”

Shame on the Jewish Museum – they must cancel this event. No Jewish forum can be provided to someone opposed to the Jewish State.