Sharia Banking Comes to Canada!!

We are all aware of the violent threat of radical Islam. It just reared its ugly head once again in the French city of Nice.

Although some people in the United States have called many of the Jihadi murders and terrorist attacks there, “workplace violence”, we now know that they were inspired by radical Islam. What most people in the West do not understand is that radical Islam is supported by Sharia.

Sharia is a comprehensive legal, social and religiously validated system of laws and rules which include cutting off the right-hand for stealing, stoning women to death for having sexual relations before or outside of marriage and beheading Muslims who leave the faith.

This system of law includes a banking system, which apparently avoids using interest as it is done in Western banking.  Islamic scholars argue that this is immoral and forbidden.  And so, they have developed a banking system that is Sharia compliant.  Part of the Sharia compliant banking system is that the financial system must be coherent with all the other aspects of Sharia law.

This includes a percentage of transactions which are supposed to go to charity. The problem is that many of the organizations that are called charities in Islamic states run by Sharia law support and finance violent radical Islam, that is killing so many people both inside and outside of the Islamic world.

So the money that goes to charities in the Islamic world often goes to pay for guns and terrorists who kill other Muslims as well as those they deem infidels:  Jews and Christians, Hindus, and Muslims who reject Sharia. We can be sure that Sharia compliant funds will not entertain working with Jews and especially Israelis.

So, do not be surprised when you go to the CIBC website and find out that this Canadian bank encourages Sharia compliant funds and investments.

It is most likely that these funds function in a way which violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father made a cornerstone of the Canadian system of law.  Further exploration would probably suggest that Sharia compliant funds move against the spirit which is supposed to underlie the Canadian banking system.  Below are articles which tell us more about Sharia-compliant banking.

After you have read some of the links listed below, you may want to write the CIBC and ask them to reveal which charities their Sharia compliant funds support and do they as a bank, accept or reject all other aspects of Sharia law which include beheadings, amputations and the stoning of women who have been raped, to maintain the honour of their families — all of which characterize Sharia-compliant countries like Saudi Arabia and so many others in the Islamic world.

One can only conclude that Sharia banking is just another form of Jihad.







About the Author
Geoffrey Clarfield is an anthropologist at large. Having spent more than twenty years living and working in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, he offers readers a cross cultural perspective on the pressing issues of our times. He has contributed numerous articles to the National Post, the Globe and Mail, the New York Post, the Brooklyn Rail, the American Thinker, Books in Canada, Minerva Magazine and is a Contributing Editor at the New English Review.