The so-called “religious” political party of Shas, has Aryeh Deri, a convicted felon who was convicted of bribery, fraud and breach of trust as their head. He’s joined by his esteemed convicted criminals Rafael Pinhasi, Yair Levy, Ofer Hugi, Yair Peretz, and Shlomo Benizri.  These politicians who bring shame to the Jewish nation have no shame – and whether right-wing or left-wing coalitions control the government, they clamor to be Ministers. Thankfully, they haven’t managed to slime their way in.

The newest from this fine class of people? Describing knitted-kippa wearers as Amalek – the archetypical enemy of the Jewish people. Rabbi Shalom Cohen, a member of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages asked a laughing crowd “Are these people even Jews? We would be unfortunate to end up with a [chief] rabbi who wears a knitted kippa?” He said “The [heavenly] throne is not complete when Amalek exists,” and “As long as there’s a knitted kippa, the throne is not complete. That’s Amalek … When will the thrown be complete? When there’s no knitted kippa.”

Unlike the typical politician, who relies on spin after saying stupid inappropriate things, Cohen, when called by Arutz Sheva for comment said “leave me alone and don’t bother me.” Clearly, he stands by what he said. Shas previously called the national-religious Habayit Hayehudi (“Jewish Home”) party a “home of non-Jews,” so it is indeed consistent with what they have said.

This political party is upset they are losing power – so they disparage the entire modern Orthodox community. Is this the Shas idea of good public relations?

Shas with viewpoints like this cannot be considered a religious political party.  To have felons and people who pose as Rabbis yet speak as fools isnt “religious.” There’s more to being religious than praying – ethics, honesty, and love of our fellow Jew would also be necessities.  What better time than Tisha B’Av to remind Shas of that.

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