Shirking responsibility

The British Parliamentary debates have been an utter failure in the past twenty-four hours. Led by the spirit of Neville Chamberlain, we watched on the telly an utterly ridiculous display of raucous debate calling for more investigation and further proof of the Syrian tragedy. But this is not all. Putin, borrowing from a playbook by Stalin- and not just in this instance, but governing at home in similar fashion- continued with his devil’s pact, defending Assad. Sadly, all these actions harken back to the world of the 1930’s. Once again we see nations and cowardly people procrastinate and debate the obvious because they lack the backbone to act or, as in the case of Russia ,the status quo serves their immediate political ambitions. The fact that humanity is sinking to another low, that innocents are being massacred or that an inevitable disaster of international proportions is unfolding in Syria, phases them not. History is repeating itself once again.

Shame on you !