In today’s online New York Times there is no current mention of Susanna Feldman’s rape and murder by an Arab in Germany. The only reference is two days old, found back-page, among the backlogged news.

In the first of those two already dated Times articles, Suzanne’s being Jewish goes unmentioned. In a second updated version, it is cited once, then quickly skimmed over. The report’s focus on issues of immigration ends with a statement by Angela Merkal that Suzanne’s death underscores the importance of better integration for the thousands of Arabs who have flooded into the country at her behest. In other words, the German Chancellor’s way to honor a Jewish girl’s horrific slaying is through provision of better services to such as the Arab who killed her.

Repeated in virtually all the coverage of Susanna’s slayng are statements by the German police and by the Central Jewish Council that anti-Jewish feeling did not motivate the killer in the commission of his crime. Knowing nothing more than these scant facts, still, a great many Jews, outraged by the killing and its coverage, sense a cover-up in the claim that antisemitism did not underscore the Arab’s actions. Were a Black child hanged by a White man from a Mississippi tree how soon or quickly would the New York Times believe (or any government, including Merkal’s) that race played no part in the awful deed?

For a Jewish girl to die on German soil, raped and murdered by an Arab, possesses for Jews the exact same gruesome impact as the example given above. The death of Suzanne Feldman presents the same confluence of circumstances that point to an inevitable fact, regardless of what the killer might claim to the contrary about motivations and the like: that he knew that she was Jewish and that it played a part in his crime.

Germany, the perpetrating nation of the Holocaust and the Arab, rapist-killer of a Jewish child, represent the two groups responsible in the Twentieth Century for the murder of more Jews than any other nation or ethnic demographic. In the Middle East and elsewhere, Arabs have been murdering Jews for decades, through persecution of Jewish minorities in Arab lands, through ceaseless wars against the Jewish State and through barbaric acts of terrorism on Jewish civilians, both within Israel and without. In the Holocaust, Germany is responsible for the killing of six million Jews, including one millon Jewish children. Or six million and one, if one counts Susanna and the fact that at Merkal’s invitation the killer resided in Germany.

For the New York Times and most of the Western press to promote the idea of Susanne’s’ death as anything other than a hate crime is itself a hate crime. If the only proof that the killer did not act antisemitically is his own claim, it should also be recalled that Eichmann made a similar claim, that his actions too were not motivated by antisemitism.

In this world, however, our world, after Auschwitz and more recently after the slayings in Paris of Sarah Halimi by an Arab who beat her to death and threw her off her balcony shouting “Allahu Akbbar” and of Mireille Knoll, a 91 year old Holocaust neighbor by her Arab neighbor, we Jews know too much. We know better. Pardon us if many of us do not believe Susanna’s killer innocent of antisemitic motive because common sense, experience, history and decency refute the claim, and that of Germany and of the New York Times or any others seeking for whatever reason to hide the truth of Suzanna’s horrible death.