Slogans and the Great Reminder

“Free Gaza from Hamas”. This slogan brings so much to mind. The sentiment itself is of course a goal, which seems to want to achieve that those living in Gaza are able to live free from terrorist leadership. If they are free from this, there is a better chance of peace.  A noble and honorable goal, that I myself and any life affirming person would want to see achieved.  The very idea that those living in Gaza, once free from the tyrannical death culture they have been reared under,  will somehow miraculously change their salivating thoughts of Jew killing and larger goals of mass murder is quite like dangling a carrot in front of those that hope, just so the idea can move forward.   We are talking about generations living under years of ruling and menacing regimes that do not want peace, but want to commit mass murder, and use their citizens to do so. Free Gaza from Hamas?  Let’s ask how realistic this is? Sure, there is no doubt that militarily, Hamas can be dismantled, disarmed, and well, in a word, done.  Israel can, and will undoubtedly defeat them.  Then we ask; when will those that live in Gaza be free from the indoctrination? There have been many past regimes that those living in Gaza should have been freed from.  Well, they weren’t.  Not that there has not been years of honest effort both diplomatically (we know Israel is the sincere diplomats), and militarily. Why?  It is ongoing, and the years of brainwashing of those that live in Gaza, to become murderers and homicide bombers, gets worse. Generation, after generation…..and many, many generations are groomed, and nursed to be killers from infanthood.  In fact, the upside-down absurdity of those who believe that these youth are innocent is alarming.  The amount of individuals who easily believe and are led by a barrage of propaganda is actually shameful.  This brainless following of terror sympathizers and street rallies of anti-Semitism is an unimaginable prelude of danger to the world.  Anti-Semitism is dangerous to all, Jew and non-Jew.  When Hamas is finished, another tyrannical terror group will emerge to take its place. Most of their youth has been brought up to do so (oh, and let’s not forget the current terror groups littering the Mid-East and other parts of our world holding different names, yet share the same barbaric goals for anyone who opposes them).  Freeing those who live in Gaza from any emerging and ruling terror group will take years.  Then we should ask how the sentiment is and desire to murder in one’s heart and mind undone?  Because that’s what it will take to free Gaza. Free Gaza from the years of indoctrination.

Every time Israel defends herself against these regimes it is a huge scream to the world that countries can defend themselves against enemies. The world has seemed to forgotten this process of defending life and freedom, both collectively and individually.  Every time Israel refuses to lie down and stands up, I personally feel it is a Great Reminder to the rest of the world for any society who needs to uphold their right to freedom should and can still do so. Israel, your efforts in freeing and protecting your country from terror, over, and over again through the years is the Great Reminder for the entire world to “Free the World from Islamic Terror”.  Israel will continue to be The Great Reminder to the world while maintaining incredible humanitarian outreach to all, and this includes those that mean Israel harm beyond reason.  The world must listen.