Recently I was alerted to a blog post by Brandan Robertson, who claims that one of his goals is to build bridges across cultural, theological, and other divides, i.e. political. Too bad he fails horribly with his skewed anti-Israel piece. The blog post in question, “8 Things You Need To Know About Gaza,” is riddled with lies, such as, “The IDF is ruthlessly killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians every day,” and “the truth is that Israel has repeatedly broken truces with Hamas.”  (It seems in an updated version of the post the word ‘ruthlessly’ was removed.)

My friend and mentor who alerted me to the blog post, in response wrote: “It should also be borne in mind that the designation of “civilians” is determined by Hamas, and according to Hamas’ own Arabic-language directives, their own fighters (i.e., terrorists) are officially included in this number as “civilians” (see here). In fact, according to a report released by al-Jazeera (no friend to Israel) on July 20, the vast majority (82%) of Gazans killed were adult, combatant-age males (see here). Hamas continues to  compound the problem by using people as shields and glorifying it. Surprisingly some willingly participate.

As my friend pointed out: “Brandan’s extreme and unqualified exaggeration (which is effectively slander) on this crucial point thus clearly reveals his anti-Israel bias and underscores the general unreliability and untrustworthiness of the entire article (which feeds right into the mentality of the mobs currently erupting throughout Europe and Asia calling for ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to the Jews’).”

While the death of innocents in Gaza is tragic, the blame can hardly be placed at Israel’s feet.

Also, the so-called “fact sheet” from Jewish Voice for Peace is hardly trustworthy as the group is an extreme leftist anti-Zionist organization which has been called out by the ADL for their involvement in the BDS movement (see here). Thus, Brandan should invest more time in study and research, instead of pumping out emotional fallacious screed against Jewish people. Aside from history, there is a theological parameter that should govern Christian solidarity with Jews and Israel. Again I defer to my mentor: “This parameter alone is determinative for the Christian, and it is not one that requires extended study of Scripture to discern. One of the “golden threads” running from the beginning to the end of the Bible is the faithfulness of God to those whom He has chosen—regardless of the demerit of those so chosen (cf. 2 Tim. 2:13; Rom. 9, passim). Israel—i.e., the Jewish people—was chosen unconditionally in Abraham, not just to be the venue for eternal messianic blessing, but also to be the holders of an eternal land, as well as to endure eternally as a people (cf. Gen. 12:1–3; 17:7–8; Ps. 105:–11; Jer. 31:35–37).”

Finally, for any Christian–or, simply, proponent of rational-ethical thinking, to suggest as does Brandan, that there is even the slightest moral equivalency between Hamas, which endorses and praises the attacking and murdering of civilian adults and children, and the Israeli government, which strives to minimize civilian casualties and publicly regrets any that occur in the course of defensive operations, is absolutely sickening and extremely troubling.  It is symptomatic of an extremely faulty and increasingly pervasive system of moral-ethical reasoning, or, more precisely, the lack thereof.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, regardless of its being the governing body of Gaza, and per their own explicit, unabashed charter, is dedicated to the utter and absolute destruction of the Jewish State.  There is no moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel, and those who suggest that there is are committing the true injustice in God’s eyes.

Think right. Call out anti-Israeli lies. Stand for truth.