The documentary maker of America Inside-Out, Katie Couric, found herself at that fateful Charlottesville VA Nazi Rally surrounded by White Supremacists. Listen to this: clip – 5:12-5-29:

I was in the streets surrounded by these White Supremacists

So, there actually were “very good people on both sides” at that Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ Nazi Rally.

We need more humor to live with dreadful reality. Which doesn’t mean: laughing instead of being an activist. Hopelessness and powerfulness are the enemies of social change. Humor can take the edge of them.

These years should be remembered in the USA as the good years of activism, where all oppressed groups learned to be each other’s allies, including Gentiles for Jews.

On the latter it should be noted, understood and taught that Jews only huddle with the Right and Rich when they are abandoned and threatened by the Left and the populous. Stop blaming the victims of the over-privileged’s stranglehold, embrace your Jews, liberate these hostages of the rulers and mighty and you’re be moving multiple times as fast as without the Jews.

You must tell your Gentile left-wing friends.