Simchat Torah has always been my favorite Jewish holiday. The Jewish people – after all we have been through – deserve happy days to celebrate the joyousness of our people. Dancing, singing, and much more – these are among the many joys and beauties of being Jewish.

With this most recent holiday behind us, Soul Doctor is an amazing must-see Broadway Show which will leave everyone happy, smiling and feel great about who we are as a people. The Broadway show is a musical journey about the tale of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, who impacted millions through the years (yours truly included). As Yossi Klein Halevi said of Carlebach, “He taught an orphaned generation numbed by the Holocaust and assimilation how to return to joy.” And in today’s world – no matter what one’s religion or beliefs – joy and happiness are components we all need more of.

This play is something for anyone and everyone who wants to smile, laugh and enjoy life. It leaves you wanting more from life, and newly committed to bringing joy to your loved ones and anything else important to you. Indeed, it’s a parable much larger than Carlebach or Judaism. It is humbling and breathtaking to see Am Israel Chai sung in a Broadway show.

Bloomberg News said “Combine Fiddler on the Roof with Jersey Boys, add some Hair and you get a taste of SOUL DOCTOR, a LIVELY, PASSIONATELY PERFORMED NEW MUSICAL”. Shlomo articulated that his deepest prayer was “that we fill the world with a new song.” And indeed, this play will leave you singing and feeling a natural high.

It’s really a special show – and one you should see now. More information is available at