Once again, ignoring Teddy Roosevelt’s wise advice, Bibi Netanyahu tries to erase his cowardly, shameful actions with blustery words.

“The fundamental difference between us [and the Palestinians] can be seen on Monday: While we are willing to take painful, unparalleled steps to try and reach an agreement that would put an end to the conflict, they, along with their most senior leadership, are celebrating,” Netanyahu said… “Murderers are not heroes.” [Haaretz, December 31, 2013]

He just doesn’t get it. It is his own conduct that has enabled the very celebration that he is lambasting.

In the end, his actions, his outrageous travesties of justice, will be his legacy.

Lame, pathetic attempts, like this speech, to resurrect his image as the brave defender of the Jewish people will be comic footnotes in the history books.