428028-spotlight-posterLast week Spotlight won the Oscar for the best picture. In the audience were Martin Baron, Walter Robinson, Sacha Pfeiffer and Micheal Rezendes, the real life mavericks who uncover the horrific report of child abuse by Catholic priest in Boston. By the time these reporters in Spotlight were done with their story, 80 paedophile priests are revealed in Boston alone and over 1,000 victims. The team goes on to write 600 articles and receives the Pulitzer award for their efforts. Their investigation also sets off a chain reaction with similar cases being revealed across the world in countries like Argentina, Kenya and England.

The story revolves around the child abuse at church, but it also unfolds a different story about having faith in something bigger than yourself. The faith which led these mighty reporters to take on a Catholic church in one of the most religious city in US. The faith which inspire this team to go against the various priests in the church, the same priest they thought are no less than God. While their parents and community pray to these monsters, spotlight team gathers evidence against all odd, so that it can bury these people with all full force of journalism and law. The spotlight story is the tale of having faith in something bigger than yourself or your God, and to do one thing, that is the right thing.

In a world where journalism is criticized almost everyday and media is under attack for various reasons, Spotlight stand as an perfect example of the importance of journalism 101, that is report the news as it is and it prove that how good journalism always matters.

The spotlight team not only fought against God, but they won it fair and square.