One of the most positive things about Israel is of course the technology boom which exists and the great ideas which emanate from Israel. So many great companies and so many great ideas – from a start-up company like biometric FST 21 run by the legendary Ze’ev Farkash to Beyond Verbal as backed by Yuval Rabin and others, the many great venture funds, or angel investors like Ami Mesika, there’s so many great things happening on the tech front in Israel. Every day Israeli companies like Bizzabo make event planning easier, or invent cures in fields like biotech.

Some great quotes on Israel as start-up nation – a great inspiration for the upcoming Jewish New Year:
• “[Israel is] the leading, largest and most promising investment hub outside the United States.” Warren Buffett
• “The World Economic Forum ranks Israel among the world’s top countries for technological and business innovation.” WSJ
• “When an Israeli man wants to date a woman, he asks her out that night. When an Israeli entrepreneur has a business idea, he will start it that week. The notion that one should accumulate credentials before launching a venture simply does not exist. This is actually good in business. Too much time can only teach you what can go wrong, not what could be transformative.” Mark Gerson
• “It’s now all word of mouth. The social graph is very simple here. Everybody knows everybody; everybody was serving in the army with the brother of everybody; the mother of everybody was the teacher in their school; the uncle was the commander of somebody else’s unit. Nobody can hide. If you don’t behave, you cannot disappear to Wyoming or California. There is a very high degree of transparency.” Yossi Vardi
• “The military gets you at a young age and teaches you that when you are in charge of something, you are responsible for everything that happens and everything that does not happen.” John Lowry
• “Israel has the best in human capital. The thing that drives corporate success and return on investment is ideas. Ideas come from people. Israel’s national intellectual talent pool, from economics to leading-edge technology, is so proportionately broad and deep that the nation has the greatest number of corporate startups per capita in the world.” Dr. Yuval Steinitz
• “There is something about the DNA of Israeli innovation that is unexplainable.” Gary Shainberg
• “Innovation going on in Israel is critical to the future of the technology business.” Bill Gates
• “Israel has become a popular destination for U.S. governors hoping to spur their states’ economies by tapping into the technology of a country some call “Start-Up Nation.” USA Today
• “Countless regions in the world have tried to mimic Silicon Valley’s unparalleled tech prowess with varying degrees of success. With more startups per capita than any other country in the world, Israel’s ‘Silicon Wadi’ seems to have cracked the code.”
• “Israel has more companies on the tech-oriented NASDAQ stock exchange than any country outside the US – more than all of Europe and India combined. Nor is Israeli innovation limited to computers, security, and communications; the Jewish state leads the world in medical device patents, and is a strong global player in cleantech and biotech.” Start Up Nation
• “Israel, just 60 years old and with a population of 7.1 million, has emerged as a model of entrepreneurialism that countries at all stages of development have tried to replicate.”

Shana Tova.

Ronn Torossian