Last night I watched the movie “Late Summer Blues” or “Blues la’chofesh hagadol”. In my opinion the best Israeli movie of all time. It is so good because almost every Israeli can relate to the group in the movie. To see himself in one of the characters and similarities to his life, his family and friends. The essence of being an Israeli. The good and the bad. Leaving friends and school behind, joining the army, a move from innocence to adulthood at age 18.

It always brings out how much I love my country and how much we still need to fight for it, to fix it. But the biggest dangers we need to fight against are not Iran or our Arab neighbors, it’s a small minority who is trying to hijack Israel with money and extreme actions.

It is a small minority that supports actions like starting the latest fire we have initiated in the Negev, holding hundreds of thousands of Israelis hostages including the people of my home town of Beer-Sheva, giving an extreme right Israeli government the ability to shoot down a terrorist in Gaza, while actually shooting down the lives of Israeli citizens, forced to spend their days and nights running in and out of bomb shelters.

Our fight is against people like Sheldon Adelson who buys a newspaper for his friend Benjamin Netanyahu to support his senseless policy and gives 10 million dollars to a presidential candidate for saying the Palestinians are “an invented people”. ‘Israel Hayom’ will probably tell you how strong and good Netanyahu is as a leader and how the Palestinians are to blame, and how the left who calls for cease fire and against starting up unnecessary fires are traitors, while the majority of Israelis want to live in peace, want quite lives. They don’t want to live in bomb shelters.

Or people like Irwin Moskowitz another extreme right millionaire that supports the creation of a Jewish neighborhood in the heart of the East Jerusalem arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, putting more gun powder on an already explosive area. These few people are trying to hijack Israel from the majority who just wants a quite life. No unnecessary wars. These people are holding all of us hostages in their power and propaganda games just because they can. Because they have the money for it.

What started the fire in the south? The Israeli government decided to take down a terrorist. Lets say it is basically not a bad idea and ignore the fact that instead of the one terrorist we will get four others in his place. But how is this terrorist a bigger threat to Israel in the fenced Gaza strip more than hundreds of missiles being shot at Israel since this take down? What about all the injured Israelis? The people who cannot resume their normal lives? Didn’t our leaders think about the implications?

If they did foresee, it seems they have a poor sense of decision making, as hundreds of thousands of people are being held hostage since. If they didn’t foresee, they do not learn anything from past experience and should not be our leaders.

But why did they make this decision? Because they are enjoying an unprecedented strong back wind, a support from extreme right folks with a lot of money. Some don’t even live in Israel. People who think blood and more blood is a solution to our problems.

I have two pairs of friends who are living in the Negev who are expecting a baby. Is hearing explosions around the clock and running to the shelter every 90 minutes good for a pregnant woman? What about women in Gaza? Both sides are suffering because of crazy extremists that are ready to burn, bomb and kill everyone. No questions asked. Well, it is up to us the majority to put a stop to this.

Netanyahu, Barak & Liberman don’t live in the Negev. They and their government and their powerful & rich backers are holding the Negev residents hostage. We the majority 6.95 million need to be clear – enough is enough. We want to live quite & normal lives. It is possible. We just need to make sure we are heard and quite the loud extreme right minority who controls our lives with the help of their rich backers. No more being quite. No more leaving control in their hands, pushing all of us to the brink of disaster.