The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has a damn tough job. Between dealing with the Iranian issue, Palestinian Arabs, a hostile White House, and the day to day craziness of the Middle East, the man has his hands full. And clearly, he needs to have all his energy, focus and direction on these vital issues.

While he manages the $275 billion Israeli economy, the media is in an uproar about the fact that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “exceeded the budget for his residences by a million shekels.”  This quarter of a million dollars extra went towards a variety of household items – gardening, electricity, water for a private swimming pool in his home, scented candles and flower arrangements. The Netanyahu family spent on cleaning, telephone bills and catering. And while Netanyahu is blamed, can anyone actually expect him to know the price of these items? Would anyone even want him involved in this process?

Rather than having Sara Netanyahu attend State Dinners with foreign dignitaries, should she go home to cook and clean to lower expenses? Perhaps his critics would prefer his security shuts down hotels, or beaches to go swimming there rather than in his private pool? Surely, while the budget for security would be tremendous, it wouldn’t go against his “household budget.”  

These media attacks against Netanyahu are tiring. Can anyone actually believe Netanyahu should spend even one minute on how many flower arrangements he puts on display, or the price of gardening? Rather than meeting with foreign dignitaries, can anyone think Netanyahu’s talents are better spent on negotiating with Israeli gardeners, and caterers? (Surely easier than negotiating with Mahmoud Abbas or Barack Obama). How about if Mr. Netanyahu – like many of us – focuses better after he exercises? How about if it makes him think clearer?

Netanyahu’s office was justified in quoting the late Israeli singer Arik Einstein who said of the media “They act with horrible injustice toward Prime Minister Netanyahu,” “They abuse him, and I’m simply shocked at the force of the disrespect and hatred …. To what degree can one suck out his life’s blood?”

The Prime Minister of Israel – or any country – deserves certain excesses to allow them to function.  These expenditures are reasonable and it is petty unfair criticism of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Leave the man and his family alone.

Ronn Torossian is a Public Relations executive – who thinks Prime Ministers should be treated like people.