These three stories will give you an idea how small and meaningless our everyday problems are compare to what people around us suffer. Terrorism has affected everyone around the world, it has forced us to be fearful and ofcourse more hostile. While we all sit around the TV ,watching news and talk about what should be done. Here’s the story of three girls who are facing terrorism in a way none of us can imagine.


1)This is the picture of a 10 year old girl with a assault rifle, the picture was taken in Syria during ongoing civil war, while rest of us spend our childhood playing with toys and play station, this little brave heart is preparing to kill the rebels as they are about to entre her city. At the age in which we all were complaining about what kind of comfort we want in our life, this little girl is ready to die to protect her loved ones.


2) This picture was taken in Iran- Iraq border, during recent ISIS attack. The girl is holding an AK 47 rifle to protect her family as they migrate because their city has been over run by terrorists. This family lost all the male member as they were all slaughter by ISIS.While rest of us are finding new ways to enjoy life, this girl barely in her adulthood is the protector of her family.


3) Since last 50 year Israel has stood as a symbol of surviving against all odds. The tiny national surviving against its powerful and hostile neighbours. This forced Israel to have the toughest military training in the world and all citizens are required to take it. This picture show a 18 year old girl after running 40 km to finishing her military training.