Some of my poetry about the State of Israel, written in the 1980s (also appears in my book Before Our Very Eyes: Readings for a Journey Through Israel)

Surveying the Jewish Multitudes

Rejoice, O Jerusalem
your streets are filled again
with children! Proud children.
Be joyous, Mother Rachel,
your children have come home!

Home. Such a foreign word
to the refugee from Argentina,
the Vizhnitzer chossid,
the Jew from Bulgarian cities.
That you are home,
and there is no more need to hide
and steal across the border,
is the stuff of Jewish lullabies.
When the planes at Lod
crowd with long lost sons
and daughters,
truth and freedom blur
near disbelief.

Tiberias and Yavneh,
raise your voices!
Masada burst your rocks
with song,
for we are home!