I would like to keep this article as short as possible because I will be writing in detail on the Syrian crisis very soon. Therefore this is just a summery of what is going on in the Syrian crisis.

It all started back in 2011 when all of sudden Arab world woke up in a hunger for democracy. They all have been suppressed by the cruel dictators and rulers. The kind of people who slaughter thousand of their own people for nothing. At that time no one thought that these people will be able fight off the powerful dictators of the oil rich Arab World, but it happened and Egypt and Libya got freedom after many decade. This was the beginning of new era where democracy was attain not through bloody war but by the social media.

The only chunk in this armor of freedom is the country of Syria. One man is responsible for this mass murder and he is Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. The arrogant dictator who refuses to step down has killed more than million people to maintain his rule.  The Syrian war has been going on for four years, but only in 2015 has Europe woken up to the flow of Syrian refugees. As army roll down tank on it’s own people millions are force to fed away to the European Nations. Although Syria maintain a good diplomatic relations with all it’s Arab nations because of their mutual hate for Israel.

When million of refugees are flowing from Syria not a single Arab nation took up a single refugee. The oil rich country of middle east who are making mosque made of gold and building so high that they touch the sky yet when it come to saving people lives these countries are ignoring millions of these people. On the other hand European countries have opened there doors for these refugees, still struggling from global recession of 2008, these countries have taken up many refugees pouring through their borders. This will put a impact on their economy but regardless these nations have given their blessing to these state less refugees. The world should take a example out of these states that how these countries who are no where related to the crises are doing so much and sacrificing their own interest for theses refugees.