Here’s a fun game: We’ll say a word and you respond. Here it is: ISRAEL! If you were inspired to stand up and sing Hatikva, this isn’t the post for you. Ditto if you had the urge to launch a boycott (or anything else, for that matter). But if you burst out laughing and, after finally catching your breath, said, “That reminds me of the most HILARIOUS thing that ever happened to me…” or “I have GOT to tell you this anecdote I heard…” then read on.

Got a funny Israel moment to tell? Write it and send it to us with HOW FUNNY in the subject. We’ll publish your humorous anecdotes here in the How Funny blog.

So think hard – you’ve definitely got at least one extremely funny Israel moment. To jog your memory, keep in mind that these instances of hilarity tend to take place in buses, falafel stands, the Tel Aviv beach, El Al flights, Ben Gurion airport, bomb shelters, Knesset elections, Birthright trips, and Miami. Also New York. Also taxi cabs. In fact, rare is the cab ride without a hilarious Israel-related story.

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OK, funny people: BRING IT ON!

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