10. Israel is the only country in the Middle East to let women drive. And nice cars, too. Up to a Civic.

9. Israel has three of the top science universities in the world. Really four, but it’s fun to see them fight.

8. There are 4,800 startups in Israel. That’s one for every two bakeries in central Tel Aviv!

7. Male cats have barbed penises. That’s not an Israel-specific fact, but it explains the all the cat screaming you’ll hear during your stay!

6. It’s customary when inviting someone to meet you somewhere to actually be there (but only old people follow this custom).

5. No carb diet? Just ask the salad joint to hold the bread and they’ll stuff your salad with pasta and rice.

4. Israel has an amazing recycling program. On almost every corner you can see recycling of bottles, bags, and jean shorts from the 80s.

3. Israel exports over $9 billion in High Tech. While the occasional life-saving device is invented, most of the technology is used to share photos of: cats, butts, and cat butts.

2. Israel is dog friendly, so you’ll find man’s best friend at cafes, parks, beaches, and offices. Of course the best part of being a dog in Israel is wearing a fur coat in the August Mediterranean sun.

1. Israelis love children. Until they’ve flown on El Al.