Yesterday a Canadian soldier was shot dead in front of the National War Memorial on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill in an act of brutal terrorism by a Muslim convert from Quebec – the second act of Jihadist linked terror carried out in Canada this week. The attack was probably a reaction to the recent government decision to deploy Canadian jet fighters against Islamic State militants.

The tragic events of yesterday’s shooting were not only unsurprising, they were inevitable, and they will continue to be until societies in the West drop the political correct hesitancy to assume Muslims with radical beliefs are innocent because they are citizens of our countries, and until we adopt a domestic security policy of aggressive preemptive suspicion.

It was extremely lucky that there was only one shooter yesterday, and that the law enforcement personnel at the scene were able to catch the terrorist and protect the hundreds of people working inside the Parliament; it could have been a lot worse.

After 9/11, security measures severely increased. The Patriot Act intensified the way intelligence was carried out in America and hundreds of terrorist attacks have been thwarted since. There is a savage and bloodthirsty tribe running rampant through parts of the Middle-East and recruiting members on our soil. It is time to revert to that ruthless post-9/11 attitude that overlooked the fear of being offensive in order to prevent and protect. Our governments must focus their security policy not only on sending our military to conduct airstrikes on the core members of Isis abroad, but also to catch and prevent the peripheral actors breeding among us.

The media has been so distracted by focusing outwards at the poisonous threat of ISIS that declares to ravage the Middle-East into an uncivilized and barbaric caliphate, that there is a lack of alarm towards the insular radicalization that is brewing right under our noses.

Canada has one of the best chances at overcoming Western radical Islam because the leaders of our country are realists and they care more about survival and morality than reputation and political correctness. In a statement made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he declared “Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world. But let there be no misunderstanding … Canada will never be intimidated.”

Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird has outspokenly called out Radical Islam and the reality our world faces against our enemies. He has unequivocally voiced support for Israel against Hamas terror and found no obligation to appease the Muslim world while doing so as President Obama exhibits every time he makes a comment on Middle-East foreign policy.

Last week Jason Kenney, Canada’s  Minister of Employment and Social Development and Multiculturalism reaffirmed his support for banning the niqab at immigration ceremonies in Canada. His stance reflects an important attitude which is that any person who wants to become Canadian must adopt the laws and principles that our democracy will gift them with and that any customs that clash with our values simply are not welcome. The Niqab is a symbol of female oppression, Sharia Law and anti-individualism. The women who claim that wearing one is a choice that is agreeable with our values of liberty are simply exploiting our charter of freedom to infiltrate radicalism into our society. This must not be tolerated. First come ideas, and then come actions.

Having attended a Canadian university for four years, I can say that yesterday’s attack was tragic, horrific but not surprising. Universities meant to enlighten and educate young people have become breeding grounds for antisemitism and anti-Western thinking.  In every single Middle-East security studies or politics course I took, there were many students willing to admit that terrorism was an inaccurate term for a justified form of freedom fighting. This is not to say that the majority of students across Canada would actually take arms and commit crimes in the name of Islam, but the belief that it is alright to do so is prevalent and that is terrifying.

The president of the “Solidarity for Human Rights” students club while I was a student at the University of Calgary names Ala’a Hamdan, published a poem in the student newspaper that wrote, “My body and soul are ready to fight and die, …This land will be proud that Palestinian babies are born men and women ready to spill their blood.  I will soak a koffiah with your blood and save it to show to your siblings … I will be named the mother of the martyr.”

People who take refuge in Canada or other Western nations from the oppression of their homelands and then express sentiments like this poem, parade around a Western country with only a sliver of eyes showing or walk onto the nation’s Parliament hill with a rifle in their hand are intentionally taking advantage of our freedoms to advance their own anti-Canadian goals. They use the fact that we accept freedom of speech and religion to advance these agendas.

It is time to take back our freedom from those who seek to corrupt it. Canada has the immense potential to set an example on the world stage on how to deal with the threat of Radical Islam from a domestic and international standpoint. The Canadian government has decided to intervene in Iraq to help iradicate the ISIS threat abroad, and now they must continue to be relentless against the people they have opened their doors to that are trying to destroy them from within.


– terror suspect Michael Zehaf-Bibeau