In the 9 1/2 months between September 13, 2015, and July 3, 2016, 40 people were killed in Israel by Palestinian terrorist attacks.

That number is a terrible tragedy, but one that Israel cannot significantly reduce by its own actions alone. There is another terrible tragedy number however; that Israel can by its own action greatly diminish.

That number is the same number as the 40 children in Israel that die in car accidents every 12 months.

That number of 40 children is less than one tenth the number of the 436 people killed in the ongoing carnage by Israel’s drivers during the first six months since January 1, 2016.

Or the 476 killed over same six month period in 2015.

Why can’t the numerous tragedies on Israel’s roads be diminished by the concerted, unilateral action of Israel’s government and people?