In the New York Times best-seller “Outliers,” author Malcolm Gladwell posits that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of one’s field. Citing many examples of well known individuals who are at the top of their fields or are world renowned for their expertise at a craft, by all accounts, Gladwell’s thesis holds water.

If one were to practically apply this theory, finding someone who is a household name in the Jewish community, whose level of expertise is indisputable and who represents the top of his field, media personality Nachum Segal is a name that comes to mind. His passion for important causes and longevity has propelled him to be regarded as the radio program of record in the Jewish world. Celebrating 30 years on the air, Nachum surpasses Gladwell’s 10,000 hour criteria. As host of Jewish Moments in the Morning (JM in the AM) on radio, Nachum’s warmth and work has made him successful with his tremendously devoted audience.

Nachum’s interviews regarding current events are must listen radio for those of us concerned about the Jewish community. Influential members of the Jewish world – from Ambassadors to Senators, to Members of the Knesset and to communal Rabbis – join his show to discuss pivotal Jewish communal issues.

JM in the AM has been a constant of Jewish life in the NY metropolitan area, and it is just great.  He is a good man who cares intensely about our community.

Nachum’s authenticity, sincerity and overall gentle personality have helped him build an enthusiastic audience. Nachum’s passion for important causes and his fortitude has propelled JM in the AM to be considered the radio program of record for the Jewish world.

At 6″5 inches tall, Nachum is easy to find in a crowd.  Coupled with his mannerism and style, he has indeed made a large difference for our community.

Celebrating his 30th anniversary, Nachum recently launched The Nachum Segal Network, which of course now provides content, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

In our day and age of continual changes, this “Voice of Klal Yisrael” is owed a tremendous “thank you” from all of us for all that he has done for the Jewish  community.

Thank you Nachum Segal.

Ronn Torossian is a PR Agency owner who is a big fan of JM in the AM.