Following my earlier blog/rant about Slacktivists who are too lazy to do anything meaningful for their cause, its time for some observations about the best activism I’ve seen.

The Best Activists act. They don’t merely ‘like’ a Facebook page, share a video or send the occasional tweet. 

The Best Activists count the cost. Following a passion means being willing to suffer. Are you willing to suffer for your cause? Will you give up time or money in order to communicate your message?

The Best Activists understand effectiveness. They know the difference between preaching to the choir and reaching the unreached.

The Best Activists keep their cool. They not only stay calm in a debate, they take a long hard look at the evidence, seeing what elements of the big picture need to be communicated.

The Best Activists turn up prepared. They know what counter arguments will come up and have already thought through how best to refute them.

The Best Activists work with others. They have no time for infighting but instead team up with like minded individuals and focus on what unites them.

The Best Activists aren’t too bothered about their reputation. Sometimes spreading the message is more important than making friends.

The Best Activists know that cold hard statistics have their limits. Overwhelming people with numbers doesn’t always get the message across. The human element is vital. People respond to people and stories.

The Best Activists rarely cry “You’re an Anti Semite!” But they aren’t afraid to challenge genuine cases of Anti Semitism either.

The Best Actvists are constantly honing their communications skills. The medium is the message.

The Best Activists value truth. To quote the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, “The reality is our greatest asset”


What do you think makes for the best advocacy? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add the best ones to this post…