As strange as it sounds, the world is obsessed by the Middle East.  One might think that this obsession is linked to one of the following reasons:

  • Well over one hundred thousand people killed in the civil war raging in Syria, which is now lethally spilling over to neighbouring Lebanon.
  • The “Arab Spring,” which is rapidly turning into a disastrous “Arab Winter of Discontent.”
  • Egypt simultaneously imploding and exploding.
  • Iraq embroiled in deadly fratricidal warfare with thousands killed annually.
  • The Sinai Peninsula, Southern Lebanon and Gaza strip being used as bases for radical Islamic terror groups.
  • The Mullahs of Iran racing to the atomic weapons finish line.

…and you would be wrong!  Internecine Muslim-killing-Muslim-in-the-name-of-the-same-loving-God violence is not the reason for the world’s obsession.  The root cause for instability in the Middle East, based on analysis of obsessive media coverage, apparently is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

Regarding this obsession, Yehuda Avner in his memoir, “The Prime Ministers,” observes that:

On the average day the Jewish State plays host to one of the largest foreign press corps in the world. This seems to me to reflect not mere international interest, not mere international curiosity, not mere international preoccupation, but an outright international obsession.

Now here again you might think that the reasons for this obsession might be linked to:

  • The radical brainwashing of the (EU funded) PA school system that promotes a culture of violence, glorifies suicide bombers as martyrs, delegitimises, through gross historical revisionism, the mere existence of a “Zionist entity” on “Palestinian land,” and from the age of kindergarten upwards poisons young minds AGAINST peaceful coexistence.  (An example of this historical revisionism is the following text which is taken from a second grade textbook entitled, “National Education” which deals with the “History of Palestine.”  It states: “The first inhabitants of Palestine were the Canaanite Arabs.” The entire sentence, which denies any legitimate Jewish historical attachment to the land,  is an anachronsim.  “Palestine” was the name given to the conquered Roman province of Judea in the second century CE, the Arabs only left the Arabian peninusla, with spread of Islam, in the seventh century CE and the Canaanites vanished into the dust of history around 1000 BCE!)
  • The unaccountable vanishing of hundreds of millions of US and EU tax-payer’s dollars and euros, earmarked for the rebuilding the PA administered territories, into private bank accounts and arms purchases, whilst the majority of the population languishes in abject poverty.
  • The apparently unbridgeable divide between the PA and the Shiite-inspired Hamas who only agree on one thing, there should be no Israel.
  • The intransigence of the PA peace negotiation team who insist on the release of evil and warped murderers (and role-models for their society) as a prerequisite to even talk about “peace.”
  • The failure of the PA to educate their population (in Arabic) and publically recognise the legitimate right of the Jewish people to live (in peace) in their ancestral homeland.

The actual root cause of all the turmoil in the Middle East and biggest threat to world peace, believe it or not folks, seems to be Jews building houses!

obama's biggest problem in the middle east

Illustration (c) The Jewish Press, 2013

This is despite the fact that after every war for survival Israel has fought since 1948, Israel has reached out its hand for peace.  Finally Egypt, after trying defeat Israel three times on the field of battle, realised that the only way to get what it wanted was through peaceful negotiations.  In 1979, the Camp David Accords set a precedent of “land for peace” by giving Egypt the entire Sinai Peninsula, and dismantling all of the Israeli settlements, Israeli-developed oil fields, and military bases, in return for Egypt recognising the Jewish State and making peace.  In 1993, Jordan followed the Egyptian precedent.  Israel has been trying to make peace with the PLO since the 1993 Oslo Accords. In 2000 Israel unilateraly withdrew from the Gaza Strip every single Jew and dismantled all of the settlements.  The Arab world must realise that they will never achieve a peaceful resolution of the conflict through war and terror, but only through genuine peaceful negotiation!

Double standards?