Once again there is an upsurge in violent attacks in Israel. These are not “lone wolf” attacks, as the press brands them, rather they are a result of years of incitement. Something is seriously broken in a society where political leaders, religious leaders, and even mothers praise their children for being murderers. Where children are incited 24/7 in school, by the media and in mosques to go out and murder. Where schools and public squares are named after murderers. Where murderers are extolled as the epitome of heroism (and rewarded with American supplied tax-payers dollars) by the PA.

One of the first things the victorious Allied armies did after the defeat of Nazi Germany, as part of the denazification program, was to change the Nazi-era textbooks. Twelve years of brainwashing had poisoned the minds of an entire generation. The Palestinian Authority is guilty of teaching to hate. The (EU funded) PA school system promotes a culture of violence, glorifies suicide bombers as martyrs, delegitimises, through gross historical revisionism, the mere existence of a “Zionist entity” on “Palestinian land,” and from the age of kindergarten upwards poisons young minds against peaceful coexistence. If the PA is really serious about peaceful coexistance, they should start by cleaning up their own house and not continually demanding that Israel make, “confidence building” gestures which lead nowhere.

The world community, who funds and ignores this poisoning of an entire society, needs to fix its moral compass and help the Palestinians press the moral “reset” button. Palestinians need to understand that one can’t murder oneself towards a state. The PA is responsible for the current violence and to overlook this is to ignore the situation. The world is not doing the PA a favour by not holding them to account. Indeed this is reinforcing the current deeply flawed mindset. Deputy Minister Michael Oren observed: “Being Palestinian means never having to say that you’re sorry.” Unless the PA educate for peace there will never be peace.

Golda Meir’s famous statement regarding peace is just as relevant today as if was then:

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”