The ‘complainglo’ MOAB

And now, for your new/old immigrant dining and dancing pleasure: the MOAB (Mother of All Bitchin’) “New Oleh vs Old Oleh” arguments.

Iconic pop singer Arik Einstein, (now-rabbi) Uri Zohar and Tzvi Shissel’s legendary comedy troupe, Lul (coop) beat you all to the punch decades ago, and the satire is so dead-on accurate that you even don’t need to know a word of Hebrew to totally get it.

The trio were part of the original local “brat-pack,” and their exploits, not to mention how their personal stories developed over the decades, are — for better or worse — the bittersweet lore of Israeli pop culture.

So, alla’ youse’ complainglos out there — start taking notes for the next batch of TOI blog posts.

Hey, don’t thank me. I’m a giver.

…let the slapfight begin!

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