The day the music died

Brexit came as a surprise. Probably the most surprising thing about Brexit was the delusional behaviour the day before. It was as if the entire political and economic ruling classes were willing themselves into a desired fantasy. It was the kind of fantasies we used to have back in the 60s when we started using grass.

Afterwards, they explained, sometimes very condescendingly, that it was all about the disappointments of universality and globalization. They were right, and they were wrong. It was the end of the baby-boomer generation and the post-60s dreams that were not only ephemeral but had caused the present chaos.

Universality, which is also branded as the melting pot has failed completely. People need identities; they need to feel that they belong, they can be proud and whoever prevents them from belonging or being proud will engender anger and hatred. You have only to look at the European football to see the great need to belong to a tribe- preferably a tribe which competes and wins. The phenomena were associated with wars, racism, and fascism. However, we made a big mistake. We threw the baby out with the bath water and in many respects wrecked the sink, shower, and bath.

Similarly, in the 60s we believed in the brotherhood of man-the equality of opportunity. This meant that any man or woman could become a millionaire- you didn’t have to be born rich just had to be skilled, and off you go. There were no boundaries and very soon there were no morals. You are free to do and go as you want.

Unfortunately, we forgot two important points. Firstly, achievers very often will achieve at the expense of others. Secondly, in the history of mankind society has always provided ways for the majority of people to exist. Most people cannot create the economic framework, in other words, their workplace. From serfdom via socialism and even capitalism the workplace, created by someone else not only provided work but paid a meaningful wage and gave some kind of security. Whenever this did not happen, the workers would arise. There was always a tense interrelationship between those who provided work and those who worked.

All this seems to have broken down, the new generation does not belong to anything, has nothing to identify with and is completely unprotected.

We, who were brought up in the 60s and dreamed the dreams of the 60’s. The dreams have bequeathed the nightmare.
People need identities, without identity, without belonging; there is a complete breakdown of society and norms. This is what is happening today. Add to this the evils committed by globalization and it is not hard to see the depth of despair.

We like to think the change is evolutionary. In most cases, it isn’t. We have the 60s dreams of the revolution. Instead, we got an evolution which in its ever-increasing distortions has brought us to the brinks of the revolution we never dreamt of.

Our time is over; Brexit was the night music died.

The Brotherhood of Man gave rise to the failed universality. Freedom for all became the freedom to exploit and globalisation.

We failed. We need more than Brexit; we need Boomerxit.

It’s the new generation’s turn.

Ironically they wanted to remain.

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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