In this year of grace 2014,

more than a century after

the Dreyfus affair, where a Jewish colonel

got unjustly accused of spying and imprisoned,

and where half of France supported him,

with the poignant letter by Emile Zola ‘J’accuse’,

while the other half voiced its rabid antisemitsm,

prompting Theodor Herzl, an Austrian journalist

to claim that there could be only one country

where the Jews would feel at home: Israel

it is starting all over again, with this time,

the conflict between strong and sophisticated Israel

and Hamas, the terrorist regime ruling Gaza,

which started it all by firing thousands of rockets

on one million Israeli citizens for the past 12 years.

This triggered violent demonstrations all over France.

Accompanying the thousands of protesters

of Arab descent, were French communists,

environmentalists and extremists of the left and the right,

shouting: «Israeli criminals, death to the Jews,

France is not your country, get the hell out of here!»

So, once again, France is divided into two camps,

with, in this instance, hatred from its Arab citizens,

which, according to statistics, are five to seven million strong,

while the Jewish population stands at around 600,000

I ask myself: why these very same people

don’t ever demonstrate against what is happening

in the Muslim world, where tens of thousands of people

get killed every single day, Sunni against Shiah,

Turks against Kurds, Egyptian Muslims agains Copts

(a Christian population of about 10 million

who were there before the Arab invasion),

Muslims against Christians in the Middle East,

Muslims agains Christians and animists in Africa.

Why are America and Europe, including Russia,

whose basic tenets are of Judeo-Christian origin,

keeping silent, when their Chrisitan brethern get slaughtered?

Why, why, why? are people that blind, that stupid?

I would think so, for otherwise they would react.