President Trump has been called a lot of things but lazy is not one of them. New on the job, he tried to deliver even before his administration was in place. Two big failures so far and three successes for him – the latest the most worrisome so far.

President Trump quickly tried to limit immigration, especially from a number of hardcore Muslim States quoting terrorism concerns, and activists and the media made a lot of noise and created powerful opposition. So far, the courts have stopped this. Wide media coverage.

President Trump also couldn’t wait to uproot “Obamacare.” However, too many decent Republican Senators (remember them – you may need to address them again) refused to ratify millions of people losing healthcare and premiums being age and not income dependent. He had to withdraw his revamp because he lacked the necessary parliamentarian support, no doubt because voters wrote to their Representatives. Widely reported in the media.

President Trump restarted the Peace Process and so far seems to do a better job than all his predecessors together. We need to wait and see if he can deliver.

President Trump rather enlarges his popularity with short-turn measures than those that protect our future, so adherence to the goals of the Paris Summit to cut down carbon dioxide emissions had to go. Mines will be opened again, oil pipelines will be build again. Scientists might have gotten their predictions wrong so let’s ignore them. Activist and media made and will make big drama. However, a dip of four years in environmental protection will mean nothing for the survival of mankind. Trump will be gone (politically) soon, and then under President Saunders the US will rejoin the world of sensibility and fairness, doing its share in securing protection of the environment and our future.

And then it happened. President Trump wanted the House of Representatives to stop: Internet rules by President Obama protecting our privacy vis-à-vis the State (FBI) and businesses, and equalizing (“internet neutrality”) what we may find on the Electronic Highway, stopping Big Money from giving us their preferences to look at first. Trump succeeded on March 29. This time the media in Israel said: nothing – absolutely nothing ….

President Trump is 70 years old. His 10-year old son is a computer wiz, but he himself is not even slow at it. He does not use computers. He watches TV and that seems to be it. So he doesn’t really know what PC use is all about. He might think that ENTER only can mean an invitation to come in. But he know what businesses need to enlarge their profit. So whatever policy he initiates or defends, it will be to make the rich richer and safer.

A core slogan of his is: when money-making people have more money and freedom, then they will hire more people, unemployment will plummet and we will all profit. That’s is not just jumping to conclusions – that is pulling a fast one on us. Rich people have never worked like that. He himself doesn’t work like that.

Only poor people work like that. You hand them money and more opportunity, and they’ll spend it and foster the economy. That’s why rich countries like to give poor people money: even the rich will profit from that. And society will become more stable when there is less inequality or institutionalized hatred.

However, four years from now, we will see that again Wall Street, the rich, got much richer and the poor got more numerous. Then comes President Saunders, so hang in there – it will get better (except for Israel).

Yet, may we please see news reports, editorials and blog posts from Israel that explain what this Trumpian overhaul of the Internet means and if that has any influence on Israel – do we too need to learn the four ways to protect our Internet privacy? We do need a better understanding of the issues to have an easier time rejecting fake news reports like these.