With the Nuclear Agreement likely passing, now, more than ever, is it important to take a detailed and critical look at the deal, and speculate on what its impact will be on our future. While, at first, the prospect of the United States and Iran making a pact is amazing, a more comprehensive look into the deal reveals that it has severe negative effects on the security of our world, the safety of our country, and the well being of our people.

Any smart, educated person would agree that Iran is the largest state sponsor of global terror. They use most of their finances and revenues to fund Hezbollah, Hamas, and various other democracy-hating groups throughout the world. A main term in this deal is granting the Islamic Republic of Iran $55-150 billion in sanctions relief. That is billions of dollars of spending money kindly placed into the pockets of Iran’s anti-peace government. Some wonder what is Iran going to with this plethora of extra funds they receive from this deal. The answer to this question is obvious; they are going to use this money to fund their global pro-terrorism agenda throughout the Middle East. This money, United States money, will end up in the hands of Hezbollah, Assad’s Government, Hamas, and Al Qaeda. Thus, even if this deal somehow prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb, the world will not be a safer place due to the billions of dollars that will be transferred to terrorist organizations.

On a related note, if this Iran deal is passed, it will not prevent war, it will catalyze an already brewing feud. The conflict between Hezbollah and Israel is very well documented and apparent. The hatred has endured two fierce Lebanon Wars and numerous other disputes. Militarily, Hezbollah is one of the most advanced, power enemies Israel has ever faced (mainly because of Iranian funding and training), yet there has been relative calm along Israel’s northern border as of late. This tranquility is largely due to Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian civil war, as they vigorously assist Assad and his army.

Furthermore, Hezbollah’s involvement in Iraq has produced immense financial burdens, as they are paying 8,000 soldiers to fight in the war. Meanwhile, Hezbollah is also focusing their militaristic resources on the Syrian conflict, and are not prepared for war with Israel. However, if the Iranian Nuclear Agreement is passed, Hezbollah has a way out of Syria, which will allow for them to focus their arsenal on Israel’s population centers. Once Iran gains the cash from the sanctions relief, a large amount of those funds will be given to Assad’s regime. Thus, Hezbollah’s contributions in the war will no longer be necessary and they can exit the conflict. Hezbollah’s withdrawal from the Syrian war will financially and militarily benefit them, making Israel significantly more vulnerable, thereby further proving that this deal is deficient.

An aspect of the Iran deal that several people view are positives is the creation of various deadlines and terms that the Iranian regime must follow. For example, arms embargoes and missile bans are set in place in order to prevent Iran from gaining and spreading advanced weaponry. Yet, these established guidelines are useless and flawed because they end up benefiting Iran in the long-run. If the arms embargo is honored and followed by Iran, it is lifted after five years, opening up enormous opportunities for Iran to acquire weapons, and further use them to spread their anti-Western agenda. Moreover, after eight years, the missile ban will be lifted, enabling Iran to obtain rockets that could possible hold nuclear warheads. These clauses in the deal will help transform Iran into a menacing super-power, and a key player in Mid-East warfare.

Ultimately, the Iran deal is flawed and will be disastrous. The reasons mentioned above, among others, prove that if we want to secure our world and foster peace, we cannot pass a deal that stimulates the spread of terror and violence. This agreement is dangerous and will strengthen Iran and their anti-American, anti-Israel allies. If we want safety and an unbreakable national security, we must not pass a deal that is bad for America, bad for Israel, and bad for the world.