The Israeli press mentioned numerous times after the Israeli judokas Yarden Gerbi and Or Sasson brought home two medals from Rio that Israel did not win any medals in the last Olympics in London. This is simply not true.

The Israeli Paralympic team was outstanding in the London Olympics, as they are in all of the Paralympic Games they compete in, returning home with an impressive haul of eight medals and have great potential in the current Paralympics being held in Rio. Israel always has a strong showing at the Paralympics and even hosted the games in 1968, at which Israel finished third on the medal table that year with 62 medals, of which 18 were gold. Israel has won a staggering 124 gold medals at the Summer Paralympic Games since 1960! The 43 Israelis and other delegates from around the world who are competing in Rio this year are people who have struggled and ultimately won against all of the challenges of the human body.

The star of the London games was Noam Gershony.  The nation cried collective tears of emotion and pride upon witnessing how he pulled himself from the wreck of his Apache helicopter in the Second Lebanon War all the way to the Olympic medal podium as he received a gold medal for our country and himself. From Paralysis to world-class athlete after six years of grueling rehabilitation fueled by grit, determination together with tremendous support and love from friends and family. A visibly emotional Gershony teared up during the medals ceremony he summed up the feelings of a nation when he said:

I’m on top of the world,” “Hearing Hatikvah play and seeing the Israeli flag fly high. I can’t describe this feeling.”


Noam Gershony. (Razi Livnat/courtesy ISAP)

Our heroes, some of whom were wounded in the defense of our homeland, and some of whom were born with disabilities, all rose above their disabilities to prove that they can go further than those born without disabilities. These special men and women who overcome war injuries and physical disabilities, and who fight to recover and overcome and go on to achieve great results for themselves and our nation are an inspiration to us all.  We can learn so much from these sporting role models. These courageous individuals teach us not to wallow in self-pity and that, “If there is a will, there is a way.”